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Affinity Design memory storage

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Hello Community,


Hello Community,


 I have recently bought the app and so far I am very satisfied, except for one thing.

 Namely, the problem relates to the memory storage.  Attached are two pictures that explain my problem.

 I have only created 3 files and the memory storage is 10 Gb.  The pictures are not that big and elaborate either, that I could say that it is normal.

 The images were created with the vector function, so actually very memory friendly.

 I have also uninstalled the app and reinstalled.  Nevertheless, the problem arises.

 Is that a BUG and if so, how do I fix it?



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I can see right now that this bug has been known since last year.  Why is the error not resolved?  That's a serious problem.  You can not work properly with the app, because there is always a hint that the memory is full.

I found the 3 files in my iCloud storage.  There it is indicated to me that the total only about 120 kB consume and no 10 GB.  This is a bug that urgently needs to be fixed.

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Hi @EinfachTahir,

Welcome to the forums and sorry for the delayed reply. 

We are aware of this issue.


Try this. 

Create a new blank document. save the document and then close it, then Reboot and iPad. This should clear any un-necessary space. 



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