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Exporting to PSD

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Ok, let's get real... While many of us really want to use Affinity products as professional replacement applications to Adobe CC subscriptions, this is the reality:

Handing off a .psd exported from Photo to a developer or another designer they probably have Adobe CC. Photo does not honor typography. By this I mean not only is the typography rasterized but tabbed text, etc., is not honored.

PSD format seriously needs attention.

Please make PSD support a pri1 bug.

Anyone who is a professional bought Affinity apps in the promise of dumping Adobe.....

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Hi gregorj,
Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
Affinity Photo rasterises all text objects on export so they should look the same as in the original document (but no editable obviously). Do you mind attaching a sample file where this is failing for you so we can take a look please? Thank you.

Adobe's documentation regarding the PSD format is very limited in particular where it refers to text so implementing (editable) text export is something that will take quite some time). We also intend to implement support for Photoshop's smart objects if possible but again those are things that will take time. Basic layers/effects, adjustments, masks etc should be working at this point unless it's something we don't support (there's no full parity between Photoshop's and Affinity Photo features/options). If you are having issues with PSD export please create a new thread in the Bugs section for each issue and attach the original affinity photo file (or request an upload link if you don't want to post the file publicly) so we can take a look and fix/correct/improve whatever possible.

Thanks for your feedback/support.

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