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Problem with Leica Monochrom DNG files and Serif raw engine

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as of build 118, DNG files from Leica Monochrome MM (first version) appear black when they open with the Serif Raw engine (with the Apple engine they appear fine). I have to drag the exposure slider all the way to the right to see a faint image. Before build 118, the raw conversion was excellent. I've installed build 223, but the problem persists.




With Serif raw engine



With Apple raw engine








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OK, this happens only when Metal acceleration is enabled.



With Metal acceleration deselected, the file loads fine. Is this normal?




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Hi Thomas_M,
Thanks for the additional info. It works fine here with Metal enabled. It's probaby something specific to to your config/graphic card. We are looking into this. Just to rule this out, do you mind resetting the app and try again: press CTRL while launching the app until a Clear User Data appears, keep the first three checkboxes ticked then press Clear. Reload the RAW using the Serif engine - does it still display black? Are you using a scaled resolution or the native screen resolution?

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I reset the app and tried again, reloaded the RAW using the Serif engine and it displayed black. I'm using the native screen resolution (Default for display), not a scaled one.

As I wrote before, the problem started with build 118; before that, it worked fine with my configuration.

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