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Silver Light

Opening Affinity Photo fails

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Just purchased Affinity Photo 1.6.7 from Mac Store for my IMAC desktop MacOS 10.14.4. If I click on the Affinity Symbol either on my IMAC Toolbar or Applications folder it appears to be fine for the first time only, the Photo Persona window comes up and the videos screen for beginners appear.  However, once I either create a sample or just close the main Affinity window, I cannot get Affinity to open to the main window again.  There is no reaction by clicking on the Affinity toolbar or application symbol (cannot get the main Affinity window)  unless I right click on the Affinity symbol,  in which case I then have the option to click on a previous sample I did in order to get to a main window. There is also the option "show all windows" but it says "No available windows".
I then need to shut down the Affinity Photo software entirely, click on the symbol again, in order for the software to react and show me the main Affinity window.  
I'm just a beginner but it doesn't seem normal to me.  Please advise.

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Hi Silver Light,
Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
The application is still running in the dock. To bring it up again click on its icon in the dock (so you can see the application menu on top) then go to menu File ▸ New. It should then display the application windows with your new document ready.

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