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Set Fill to Black & White - Weird Glitch

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Hi everyone!  Since I'm a former Illustrator user, I've been setting Designer's options to function according to what I'm used to, and one of these options is the 'Set fill to black and white' key command (when I draw a shape, I like to press D and have the shape have white fill and a black outline).

I'm running Designer on two different computers.  Both are running Windows 10 and both are fully updated.  I have the latest version of Designer installed ( on each.  I've set up the key command on both systems as listed above (press D for white fill/black outline).

On one computer, this works perfectly.  On the other, it's reversed.

So, on computer 1, I press D and get the white fill and black outline (which is what I want).

On computer 2, I press D and get *black* fill with a white outline.

This is driving me crazy.  I've tried resetting my shortcuts, and I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling Designer.

I don't understand why it works perfectly on one installation, but works exactly the opposite on the other installation.  Any suggestions? 

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Hi @AcousticPond,

Sorry for the delayed reply. 

Make sure you don't have the same shortcut for these. Alternatively, you can try to reset the app. 

You can reset your app back to its default settings by holding down the CTRL key while launching the app. When the Clear User Data window appears, click Select All and then Clear. The app will now open.
Be aware that resetting your app back to its default settings will lose any custom settings such as keyboard shortcuts and brushes etc. To backup such settings before resetting the app, please watch our Affinity - Exporting User Settings and Keyboard Shortcuts video.



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