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I've noticed quite an annoying bug when selecting and moving raster artwork within Affinity Designer's Pixel Persona. 
I've noticed this same issue in Affinity Photo, as well as the latest beta versions of Designer and Photo, and I have no clue why it happens. 

When drawing with something like the pixel brush or any brush that has a hard edge (with little to no anti-aliasing), the artwork blurs when being moved, but only when selected with a selection marquee tool, such as the lasso tool, first - see attached screen recording.
This leaves a very visible difference between the selected and moved and unmoved artwork, and is even visible at 100%, which is obviously a big no-no for client work.


Not totally unrelated, the selection path also seems excessively jagged on screen in comparison to something like Photoshop. 
I often use the selection tool when colouring my work, but the edge is noticeably jagged, even when zoomed out to 100% as well. 
I initially thought this may just be the pixel preview, but the jagged edge is very present - see attached screen shot, and it's also very present in the screen recording video too while making the selection path.

As a final side note, a Wand Selection tool in Designer's Pixel Persona would be SOOOO helpful. :7_sweat_smile:

Anyway, I'm not sure if these are bugs, but any advice or workaround for these things will be greatly appreciated! :)

Screenshot 2019-05-10 at 09.17.54.png

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Hi @ChristiduToit,

Sorry for the delayed reply. 

You have the "Antialias" option ticked in the context tool bar your Free Hand Selection Tool. Untick it and you should be fine. 

We have closed this as "By Design". 



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Hi Gabriel. 

Thank you for the response, but this is not an aliasing related issue. 

Regarding the jagged selections. The lasso tool created jagged and wavy lines whether or not the anti-aliasing is activated (even with a swift and fluid motion of my tablet stylus/pen), almost as if the pixel density is bigger/less dense when using the lasso tool (and the pixel tool for that matter) as opposed to when working with a raster brush. The shapes created in the screenshot I posted have anti-aliasing on - the writing doesn't as I wrote that using the pixel tool.

Regarding the anti-aliasing that happens when moving hard edge pixels (pixels with no anti-aliasing), that happens regarding of having anti-aliasing selected or not. If I move the pixels using the up, down, left or right keys it not does not blur/anti-alias, but as soon as I move them freely using my tablet pen or mouse they do automatically apply anti-aliasing - this is not normal.

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1 minute ago, GabrielM said:

When you move the selection, do you have force pixel alignment on? image.png

Ah! Awesome. This fixed the anti-aliasing - thank you so much. :)

Sadly, this doesn't fix the jagged selection problem. 
It's difficult to explain, but it almost seems as if the pixels that the lasso tool selects are bigger than what they actually are.
This results in the look I previously sent in the screenshot - jagged and wobbly/wavy.
The black blob shapes are selections I've made and filled with black so that the jagged lines would be more visible for the sake of showing what I mean more easily.

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I'm not entirely sure what you mean by this. Set a 1pixel grid and make your selection. That way you will see exactly what pixels you have selected and if they fall on the grid or not. 

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Posted (edited)

Sorry for the confusion. 

I've uploaded a screen recording to YouTube which very clearly shows what I'm referring to: https://youtu.be/QvBAKeNLODE

See how jagged, wavy, and sometimes blocky the filled selection shapes are as opposed to the smooth strokes and shapes created by drawing with the raster brush tool?

I first thought they just appeared that way because I was so zoomed in, but the jagged edges are still very prominent even when zoomed out.
For some reason the lasso tool selection is not nearly as smooth as the brush, which seems odd, and I have absolutely no idea why this happens.


Any ideas?


Edited by ChristiduToit
Video would not display in original post, so I've added a link instead.

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Thanks for the suggestion, but I'm afraid the jagged edges are still there, but now the shape as a whole just appears blurred when I add feathering.

Unfortunately feathering doesn't seem to be the issue/fix.

Screenshot 2019-05-29 at 17.40.45.png

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I'm so sorry, I'm afraid that I deleted the layer and saved and closed the document already.
I've recreated the issue in a new document and attached it here. 

Strangely it seems like the jittery edges are a lot more prevalent when I create the selection using my tablet and pen (I'm using a Yiynova MVP22U tablet).
When I use the mouse to create the selection it seems to be far less jagged, and a lot smoother as a result.
I use the lasso tool to create fill selections for details illustrations though, so unfortunately I can't use the mouse for those as the mouse isn't accurate enough.
I wish I could try this with a Wacom tablet to see if the issue was still present, but I'm afraid I don't own one.

For what it's worth, everything is still totally normal in Adobe Photoshop as well as Clip Studio Paint (no jagged edges in those apps), but this happens in Affinity Photo and Designer, as well as Photo Beta and Designer Beta. 
This leads me to believe that it might be something within the app, or something to do with the way my tablet is communicating/interacting with the app.
Would the Yiynova tablet brand/model/driver have something to do with it? 
And if so, would there be a workaround?
And finally, if it is the tablet, why would the issue not be replicated in other apps?

As stated before, my brushes and other tools still work just fine, it's only the freehand/lasso selection for some reason.

Jagged Edges.afdesign

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