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Hi, I have AD on my Mac and my iPad and I have a Cricut cutting machine. I would like to create my own svg cut files but had almost given up because the objects, whilst looking fine in AD, often became randomly scattered and weird when I uploaded to my cutting machine software. Recently, I realised that this was happening whenever I had rotated a shape whilst designing in AD. I am still at the novice stage with vectors but today I noticed the setting 'flatten transforms' in the extended SVG settings and it worked! No more flying objects and the shapes uploaded perfectly to my cutting machine!

 My question is :-

Is this setting something I should always tick when exporting an SVG for use as a cut file and does it degrade the SVG in any way if I wanted to share my file with someone else.

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Hi MTpics :)

When exporting SVGs from AD we include transform matrix data, this can be very useful for certain applications of SVG files, but it has been known to hinder some situations.

If Flatten transforms is not checked, we attempt to preserve more of the document's group structure so that objects are described in the coordinate system of their container. If it is checked, we generally output fewer groups and transforms; for example, we transform the curve data itself before outputting it. Transforms have to be output for rotated text and bitmaps regardless.

Checking this option will not degrade the file in any way, it will actually reduce the file size slightly. You can find out more about what is and isn't included with regards to this option here -

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Thankyou Dan for your reassuring reply. The technical bits are not my strength :) but the flatten transform setting seems to be working for my present requirement so I’m very happy it is there and am glad I discovered it.

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