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Can't save to an NTFS volume

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As I use Windows and Mac OS a fair bit together I tend to keep some of my large drives in NTFS and then simply use a driver (for the past several years, Paragon's NTFS for Mac) so I can read and write to them when in Mac OS. I have never had a problem with this with any application both native Apple software and any other software, sometimes they will give a warning like: "filename" is on a volume that does not support permanent version storage. Your changes have been saved and you will not be able to access older versions of this document once you close it. To undo your changes, click Revert.

But both Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo don't work well with NTFS. I can save a file to and NTFS volume fine (first time save of a new file) but if I then try to save the file again, or if I open a file edit it and hit save the Affinity app crashes. I'm assuming this is because Affinity isn't handling the lack of "permanent version storage" correctly like all my other apps do. And when it can't save as a version it simply crashes and I lose all my work.

I understand that this is a use case most customers won't have, but if there is any way to fix this so that I can save to NTFS even with a warning, or if saving to NTFS is impossible that rather than crashing the app will tell you it can't save to this type of volume and please select a different location to save to.

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Hi @guategeek,

I cannot replicate this on macOS 10.14.4 and Microsoft NTFS for Mac by Paragon Software (15.5.41). 

Can you send us a screen recording of this in action, please?



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