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Affinty Photo destroys my picture!

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Hello there, 

I´m working on a large file 16201px x 4386px with some layers which results in a file about 2,7GB of disk space.

However, after a lot of work on that picture, Affinity starts to destroy layer by layer. First, it made cut on some of the faces. I thought it is just a problem in preview but by saving it as JPG, the head was still cut. I´ve then import this part completely new, reworking everything. After I was finished, the next layer started with a weird behavior. 

I don´t know what to do, I can´t redo all the work of the last 5 days! 

Please take a look at the attached picture to see what I mean. I don´t want to fix that wenn 5 Minutes later the next issue will happen. 


IMAC 27 Inch with OS High Sierra

Affinity Photo 1.6.7

Frustrated User: 1


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Hi @Heelix,

It's hard to tell what went wrong without knowing more about your workflow. 

How do you start the project? RAW file, jpeg, existing project? 

Have you got any steps to reproduce this issue?



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I know, it´s hard to reproduce the issue. I´ve started with an raw file and developed it. All other layers has been copy´n´paste into this file. The first issue happened when I zoomed in to knock out the background. The background went black on some parts, following a shape of a mask which some layers behind the head. When I zoomed out the black geometry disappeared and everthing looked correct. After zooming in again, the head was cut by the edge of the screen. When I zoomed out, the edge still cut out the head. 

Even so with the leg. The sofa is in the Background, the person which sits on the sofa is on a separate layer.  Behind the sofa is a black background. By zooming in and out, Affinty stopped solving the correct layout of the picture an took some squares from each layer. 

Maybe it´s also a problem by switching from Affinity to another application turning back. 

However. Right know I zoomed in and out, switched to the browser an when I came back it looked like the attached picture. 

And no, the bum of my wife has not a missing square naturally... 



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I´ve deleted some layers an made them new. After that it seems to work now but to be honest my trust in this software has suffered a little bit. 

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