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Affinity FB told me to post here. So: here:
I made a fairly simply drawing of circles and lines that create a kind of pattern / Array. (see ARRAY-56paths.afdesign attached) The way I made it was to arrange 13 circles in a diamond shape. I then connected the circles with paths, a different colour depending on direction. The way I did that was to start create black coloured paths for the lines that were 0 or 45 or 90 degree. Then I made coloured paths that make connections between circles at lower angles of incidence relative to the corners. Starting at the top (North) with 6 paths painted black, I rotated them and changed colour a few more times to create the Array.

I then wanted to see this on paper, so I printed directly from Affinity to a standard issue HP color laser jet pro MFP M177fw - a mediocre but not bad and certainly reliable printer - about as bog standard as they get.

RESULT: The low incidence paths from the East and West printed as skinny little lines, even though they appeared as 7pt stroked on screen.

EXPECTED: For all the low incidence angle lines to print correctly as 7pt colored strokes on my HP Laser Jet Pro...

TROUBLESHOOTING TO PROVE PROBLEM: I then exported the file as a png and opened it in paint.net. I printed the png from paint.net and it was fine. (see ARRAY-56paths.png, attached) I then went back to Affinity and exported it as a pdf, and it printed fine from my pdf viewer. I tried printing the original ARRAY-56paths.afdesign again from Affinity, and it failed, again. I also tested printing the png file again, this time from Affinity and it printed correctly (!). Which means that the problem is in Affinity printing an Affinity native file to the Laser Jet Pro.

This is suboptimal, esp. given how simple the image is, and the fact that if I export it as png it will print correctly.

My system: HP Elitebook 8540w, i7 620M processor, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, Windows 7. Printer: HP color laser jet pro MFP M177fw

Attached is the ARRAY-56paths.afdesign file. I tested it again just before attaching it here, and it failed again.
Also attached is the png which prints correctly.
I look forward to your response - feel free to email me directly.




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Hi hwarwick,

Welcome to the forums :)

Many thanks for your file and all details provided, this is more than useful.

This is a bug our development team are aware of in the current version (1.6) however it has been fixed in our latest version 1.7 beta! You can download this from the following link, if you make a copy of your file and open it in the beta, ensure all strokes have Mitre Join set and you should find the document prints correctly directly from Affinity!

I hope this helps :D

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