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[By Design] (Affinity Designer) CutPath - path got filling after pdf-export

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For a project I had to add a cut path in 100% magenta. So I added the path on a separate layer with 1pt and the required color. The path also was closed. 

After I finished the work I exported my file as pdf. But somehow in the pdf my path is now filled with 100% magenta and had outlines (2 separate path). I opened the pdf in Adobe Illustrator and even in Affinity Designer. Both  programs gave me the same result. But in the original data of Affinity Designer there is only a path without filling. Is there someone with the same problem or found a solution for this problem? As result I only need a pdf with an 1pt path and no filling. Any ideas? 


 I also added a few screenshots. 

pic1: it's a close up (of the upper pink line of pic 2). the light blue line is the path.

pic2: there you can see one node on my path. 

setting1: That's the setting for the path - just a contour, no filling

pic3: that's the pdf. The path disappeared and the area of the 1pt is now filled. 

settingafterexportpdf: the setting of the opened pdf. 


(Sorry if there is a similar topic, but while browsing the forum I couldn't find a solution for my problem.)






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15 hours ago, >|< said:

You need to use a centre-aligned stroke, not an inside- or outside-aligned stroke, otherwise the stroke will be expanded when exported, as you've discovered.

Worked! Thanks for your help.

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