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pdf export for web - false colors

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When you output a document as a pdf for the web, its colors are destroyed.

Particularly skin tones are wrecked to the extreme - people get scarlet fever - red is exaggerated and shifted.

There currently is a bug in Adobe Bridge that does the same thing - maybe a similar code snippet is used in the output module and thus the bug imported from Adobe into Publisher?

Way around it:

If you export for print, the colors are good. So I simply created a 300dpi document which still isn't crazy large.


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I bet, there is no bug, but ignorance of color management. :)

Instead of ludicrous fairy tales about „ bugs“ in Adobe Bridge carried over to Publisher or telling us stories about „scarlet fever“, what doesn’t help at all – could you simply tell us more about the document‘s color settings, about the images‘ color space, about the PDF output settings – or better attach screenshots showing the issues along with a corresponding Publisher document?

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