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Affinity Designer file handling issue with iCloud Drive

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I recently noticed a bug in the file handling using Affinity Designer on macOS (v1.6.1) and iPad (v1.6.4.45). Once I create a document on my iPad, sync it via iCloud Drive, and double click it on my mac it automatically opens Affinity Photo.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a document on Affinity Designer iPad
  2. Safe the file (with the option activated to safe to iCloud Drive)
  3. There will be a new folder created in iCloud Drive named "Affinity Designer" with the file inside
  4. Open the file on macOS using double click
  5. Affinity Photo opens instead of Designer

The strange thing is that the iCloud Drive folder is named "Affinity Designer", but has the Photo app icon on it.
Also the newly created files are all set to open with Affinity Photo in the Finder's info panel, hence Designer is the default. When I try to change it back to Designer nothing happens. (as seen in the attachment)

Seems like a system problem, but I guess there might be something wrong the way the iPad creates the iCloud Drive connection?
Does anyone else have this problem? Or is there a way to fix it?

Kind regards,

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Hi @GabrielM,

thanks for pointing to the right post. This workaround actually fixed the problem!
Though I think the developers still should try to fix it. Deleting system files is always a risky thing, that can break stuff quite fast.

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