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Hi readers of Forum.

i have two isues with fonts.

  1. i have a hard time selecting text in a text-box, very often i want to select the entire text to change the size or style of the type. I select (while in artistic text mode) by dragging my finger over the text in the text-box. But either miss the first (or last) letter or change and scale and size of the box. Is there an alternative for selecting all letters?
  2. (I think a bug ) in text studio mode it is possible to set font-size from px to mm. But when using mm it it still uses points. So when I set type-height to 15 mm I end up with 15 Pt. Weird.

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1. Try using the move tool, once you select your text box you can resize by dragging a corner. Also you can select the text studio and scrub up and down to change text height. You can also enter the text studio and change font and size from there. See below.

2. Pretty sure that’s been reported before but one of the Serif engineers will likely confirm. Think the units changing dialog box should not have been displayed there.

Affinity Photo 1.7 and Designer 1.7 on MACOS Catalina Beta, Affinity Photo 1.7 and Designer 1.7 on iPad Pro 9.7" iPadOS 13 beta, Affinity Photo 1.7 on Windows 10




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Thx it helped. 

  1. Still I would like a select all option in writing mode.
  2. I think you should be able to make text with a font height of 15 mm. Not having to calculate it to points. 

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