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I know it's still early days with Affinity Publisher still being in beta for desktop at the time of writing, but out of sheer curiosity, are their intentions to release Publisher for iPad? I know there won't be any timeline or firm plan, but is it something you're thinking about?

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First: Publisher is not on my purchase list at the moment. But, it would definitely be if...

IDML Import:
I have several years worth of Indesign files (stored as IDML) that I need to be able to repurpose: starting a new book from a previously completed one (with the basic styles in place) is a key time-saver and I have clients ask for revisions to old work on a regular basis... So, import of IDML files is the first update. It makes no sense to throw all my babies out with the InDesign bathwater.

Ported to iPadOS:
And now with the release of iPadOS the iPad supports a mouse: which for me is a sea change that will allow the iPad to replace my MacBook when traveling. IF Publisher (like the other Affinity apps) is also ported to iOS (iPadOS) that would be the clincher and I'd be in for both desktop and mobile apps.

With both of those complete I could finally delete the very last Adobe app from my workflow.

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