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Petar Petrenko

[] placing pictures and docx

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17 hours ago, Petar Petrenko said:

I've attached in my first post of this thread. Just bellow the PNG file. As I mentioned, the pictures are at the end of the document. Thanks.

I can only see a docx file. If I import it and autoflow, none of the pictures are hidden. Presumably you are then manipulating them in some way to make them vanish, but I can't guess how. The only behaviour I see is what I already described. Moving the image up has the effect of giving the image a negative advance, pushing the baseline down and leaving the image where it is. Push the baseline down far enough and it will go into a different frame. If there is no frame large enough, it will go into overflow. Moving the image down gives it a positive advance. This reduces the vertical space it needs so may move the baseline up, eventually moving the image to the previous frame. Currently inline images can overlap following lines, so some of the text may get hidden behind the image. You can see what is happening by checking the Advance in the Pinning panel; setting the Advance to zero will reset the image.

If this does not explain what you are seeing, please attach a publisher file that includes a hidden image.

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Here is the file. I've just placed the DOC file, saved it and do nothing else.

Try to make pictures smaller and to repossition them. Also, try to click several times the "Inline in Text" icon.

the book.afpub

Best regards,

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This should be improved in the current beta. We also prevented repositioning inline images entirely - now dragging move the inline character instead.

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