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I’m thinking of getting Affinity for my iPad Pro. I want to edit raw files, save as jpgs and export to a flash drive or the Cloud.

How can I find out what size file I would get after editing the raw file and saving as jpg? 

If I add keywording, etc., in a third-party app, will I lose any image quality?

Thank you!

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Hi SueRob,

Welcome to the forums.

On the Export screen, once you have selected your file type, there will be an estimated file size  just above the OK and Cancel buttons. Sometimes you may find that even the JPEG file size is quite large, try lowering the Quality from 100%, only may a little but it can make a difference.

Adding keywords in another app shouldn't reduce the image quality as it should only be writing the data to the file, however it may be worth doing a few tests first.

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