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Hi all,

I created a shape using eight square 10X10 symbols. I used the grid view and snapped the squares into a 10px spacing grid.

Now I notice that when I turn the grid off, there are grid lines around the squares. The grid lines disappear when viewing the document at 1000%. When I export as JPEG, I can see the grid lines.

There is no stroke around the symbol, but if I add a stroke, the grid lines seem to disappear. I'd rather not add a stroke unless I need to. And, I'd like to use squares instead of rectangles.

Is there a setting I'm unaware of that I should select to remove the grid lines, or is this a bug that hasn't been resolved yet?

My file is attached.

Thanks for your help.














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This is a side effect of the rasterising that's takes place during export and also happens with other vector apps to an extent.  As a workaround add a thin stroke with the same colour to extend the boundaries a little. You can also try to overlap the objects. Check this post from MattP for more information.

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