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I do aerial photo's and when I shoot a motel with an empty pool I'm able to clone water from another image to fill the pool.

I have done this in the past using Photoshop on my laptop. I want to be able to do it using Affinity on my ipad pro.

Can anyone help me with this?

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Create a new image with a canvas large enough to accommodate the pool image and the water image side by side (or one above the other). Choose the Place command — on the Commands menu in the Photo persona — to place the two images on the canvas, and then switch to the Selections persona and use the tools there (e.g. the Smart Selection Brush Tool) to select the pool area, and then switch back to the Photo persona and use the Clone Brush Tool to clone the water texture into the selected region.

As Walt has pointed out, questions about the iPad apps don’t really belong in this forum. Perhaps a moderator will move the thread.

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You have almost got me going. 

I already got the second image up as a layer and was able to clone in the water from the second image. 

I couldn't make that second image go away though without loosing the pool water.

I bet the smart selection brush tool is the answer and I'll try and find it.

Thank you.



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