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Affinity Photo: Displacement Effect - Tutorial

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Learn how to put anything on a Wall in a realistic way. This tutorial covers merging it with the Wall, withering and adjusting the Ambient Atmosphere to look it is actually on the wall.

The original Affinity Photo Displacement Effect doesn't work as intended. But i will show you a easy workaround to make it still look realistic and nice

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Great Tutorial. Thank you :)

Win 10 Home Edition    AP    AD    APUB     ...and the current Beta´s

Have a nice day.

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Excellent tutorial, thank you very much indeed.

Just wondering how to get the displacement effect when applied on a brick wall.

I've been trying to do this, but as you say : I've not been able to achieve a realistic effect with the built-in AffPhoto displacement filter.

The example in AffPhoto tutorials doesn't achieve a realistic effect either....

Might you have any ideas on how to do that ?


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