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Super slow build-up of the first brush stroke

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Hello Support Team,

I have a huge problem with complex drawings in AD on the iPad (latest generation iPad 12", Apple Pencil 2, latest version AD and completely reinstalled without success ).

As soon as I start to draw (without stabilizer) the first line is delayed in slow motion. All other lines are drawn smoothly. Also the deletion of the protocol does not bring any improvement. The app is no longer usable for graphic recording and live visualization. What can I do against it?

Example see video

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I can send you the file as well as the used brush set by mail. I do not want to publicly post the file here in the forum, because it is a customer project. But it is one of several complex drawings where this error occurs.

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Hi @SandraM,

I would be interested to see the file. You can upload it here: https://www.dropbox.com/request/zBc6BCLQTARob9yph0TS

Does this also happen on a new document? 

Also, next time when you post a screen recording, can you please enable "show touches" from within the app's general preferences? It's easier and you don't have to use another device to record the screen :)



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Hi, Gabriel,

Thank you very much for the help. I have the impression that these problems occur more often when the file has a certain amount of content.  Although I observe it sporadically also with new files.

Thanks for the tip with the show touches. What I also observe is that I always lose my brush settings when I switch from one document to another.

The file is in the Upload folder.

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