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Patrick Connor

Reporting Localisation Issues in Mac Publisher beta #305 - #337

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21 hours ago, Alfred said:

The first line of that option has a full stop at the end (after „ermöglichen“) but most of the other options don’t end with a full stop.

Also the line before "Miniaturen mit Dokument speichern." which also should have no full stop.

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In French we're using Plage as a subgroup, selection, range. I'd be interested to know if planche or some other term has wider recognition/acceptance for 'Spread'

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German, v330, "Layoutseiten" (spreads)
– "Exportieren" > "Bereich"> pulldown menu "Alle Layoutseiten" ...

Here "Layoutseiten" (spreads) is used to distinguish them from "Seiten" ("pages").

In layout applications all pages are layout pages, aren't they? To distinguish pages from print sheets (which may contain a set of pages, imposed for instance) in German print business the term "Druckbogen" is common (and "Bogen" in general means a sheet larger than the final printed matter). That InDesign already uses "Druckbogen" might make it easier for users, too.


There also is another use of "Layoutseiten": Menu "Datei" > "Layoutseiten einrichten..." ("Spread Setup...)

Here all pages of the document, including pages and spreads, are meant at first. So "Layoutseiten" is not confusing in that spot. Nevertheless it would not confuse either to name it "Druckbogen" as well. (and the UI would use 1 term instead 2 for the same things)



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