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Jim Monson

Gradient editing inactive upon closing Gradient Window

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After editing gradients in AffPub for awhile, I can no longer bring up color editing options by clicking the Gradient color box. I tried quitting AffPub and bringing it up again but that did not work. I then rebooted my iMac and it worked again. Previously I've had the same problem in Designer but have not tried it recently so it may have been fixed. I am saving history during the day so it could be related to that. Is this a bug or simply RAM related? 

Later note: After rebooting the iMac, only having the one AffPub doc up (only a few hundred mg), and only editing one small box, the Gradient color box is no longer active when clicking click on it. Thus this must be a bug, something making the Gradient color box non-active after using it one time on one graphic. As you can imagine, I can't constantly reboot to edit a gradient. Thanks for any suggestions on this current and much appreciated beta.

Still later note: It appears to remain active if I do not "close" the Gradient window. Could it be some bug in the closing and reopening code?

Last note: I have found that leaving the Gradient window open and simply putting it to the side while working elsewhere, I can bring up its color editing options by clicking the Gradient color box. Therefore it appears that actually closing the Gradient window often makes the Gradient color box inactive. Might this be a bug? If so, my original Title was incorrect and thus I changed it (above).

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