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How to remove lighting effect on tile to create a texture for 3d rendering

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Hi - Newbie to Affinity and photo-editing in general here.

I do 3D bathroom design work but sometimes the only tile images we can get have lighting effects applied to them. When used in 3d, this looks dreadful!

How can I remove this lighting effect coming from the top left corner to give an even brightness to the tile?

I can then apply lighting in my 3D model to give the effect I want.

Many thanks, Laurence


Only tile image available



Looks awful when tiled to the wall in 3D



Even tile shading shown from a promo shot


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Hi laurencem,

Welcome to the forums :)

I recommend following the below video and stopping when you get to the offset part as that doesn't apply to this case. I followed it using your image and managed to get pretty satisfactory results. I imagine with more time to fiddle with the specifics you'd be able to get an even better result.





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In situations like this, I would simply take your tile and just flip and rotate the tiles to make a repeating and symmetrical pattern across the wall.  Usually, I can't be bothered to do it the correct way.



Due to the ongoing Brexit negotiations, punctuation, spelling and grammar will be used sparingly until further notice.

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Posted (edited)

Many thanks everyone.

@Callum, I'll try that later - I assume the commands in Affinity are basically the same as PS? Addendum - It just clicked that you have done it for me!!!!!! Thank you very much indeed!!!!!

@carl123 In the software I use, it's a bit of pain to do that unfortunately. It's Virtual Worlds - specific for bathroom and kitchen design as it contains lots of pre-modelled branded items but it's very inflexible. I'm sure I could work it using it's advanced tiling templates but I really want to be able to fix the issue at source.


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General stupidity!!!

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