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Macros: how to improve the usage of masks

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Hi there,

I have to say that I switched from PhotoShop to Affinity Photo and I'm really happy about the change.

I found an issue recoding Macros that I would like to submit. 

I generate a new adjustment layer, I make some tweaking, I add a mask (doughter mask below the adjustment layer). 

I would like to give a name to the mask (I need to add more than one sometimes) and I would like also to invert the mask. This is actually not possible (or I'm not able to do it). The issue is that I cannot select the mask but just the father adjustment layer so I cannot apply any modification to the name and I cannot invert the mask.

I tried also to generate a layer mask, invert it, but when I'm trying to put the layer below the adjustment layer transforming it in a daughter mask, this is not allowed by the program.

Somebody has a reply to my question?



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Hi Giustone70,

Welcome to the forums :)

This is currently by design as the Macro functionality is quite limited however this should hopefully improve in a future update!



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thanks for the feedback. Not a big issue, I hope that the limitations in recording macros will be solved soon. In the meantime I will manage a small adjustment out of the macro

thanks again

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Further in the Assistent panel  you can setup (switch) how masks should be created here, aka if as sublayers or as independent own layers (...there's also such a setting for adjustment layers). Thus when used as independent layers you can probably name them also independently and then use one of the top menu arrange commands for positioning. - AFAI remember and have read somewhere here in the forum, the later (sublayer positioning via menu commands) should have been added for macro creations in the 1.7.x beta version.

☛ Affinity Designer 1.7.1 ◆ Affinity Photo 1.7.1 ◆ OSX El Capitan

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