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I'm not quite sure how to explain this. I went under Text/Spelling to Check Spelling. The first questionable word was highlighted, but there was nowhere to do anything about it. I went under Text/Spelling again and selected Show Check Options. Shouldn't these be together, for example when I select check spelling, the show options box just opens? Also, there was no indication that spell check was completed. It just kept choosing the last word it questioned, which happened to be a last name, every time I clicked ignore. I've been doing this type of document layout for more than 30 years, since PageMaker 2.0, and this just seems a little unintuitive to me. Thanks.

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It is unintuitive to what we all may be used to but we may have to get used to it if that is the way Serif wants it to remain.  All you can really do is make a thread in the Publisher suggestion forum rather than this bug forum as it's not really a bug.

From what I have learnt so far...

Text > Spelling > Check Spelling
Will simply find the next misspelt word, which you can then right-click on and choose what to do with it.
Useful (I guess) for checking an individual word, but you would need to do it multiple times to check an entire document. So not designed for that.

Text > Spelling > Show Spelling Options
Runs the actual spell checker across the entire document and you are right, once it has found the last misspelt word it should not allow you to keep clicking ignore as that is just irritating and confusing.


In an ideal (novice friendly) world and space permitting...

Learn should be renamed to Add to Dictionary

Guess should be renamed to Show Alternatives

Text > Spelling > Show Spelling Options should be renamed to Text > Spelling > Run Spell Checker

Text > Spelling > Check Spelling should be renamed to Text > Spelling > Find Next Misspelt Word

To save time I am currently using an automated AI to reply to some posts on this forum. If any of "my" posts are wrong or appear to be total b*ll*cks they are the ones generated by the AI. If correct they were probably mine. I apologise for any mistakes made by my AI - I'm sure it will improve with time.

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