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When Click "Add Layer" - Don't put the new layer at the top

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Welcome to the forum.

Some interesting ideas there.

The default, when placing a new object, is to put the new object above the currently-selected layer. Your first suggestion – if I have understood correctly - is to replicate this behaviour when adding a new ‘empty’ layer. This seems reasonable to me. Always having a new empty layer added to the top of the stack can be awkward sometimes (the Auto-scroll function doesn’t follow it) and, as far as I know, there’s no inherent reason for that behaviour.

Your second suggestion sounds quite reasonable also. If you have multiple layers selected then it’s usually because you want to do something with them together, and adding a ‘wrapping’ layer when they are selected – rather than just putting the layer at the top of the stack as usual - sounds like it could come in useful.

Unless there are good reasons why these two suggestions shouldn’t be considered, they sound like good candidates for inclusion to me.

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Hi GarryP, 

Yeah, I think it would be best for the new layer to appear next to a selected layer -  as scrolling all the way to the top and dragging it down to the other object became really tedious. Same with the second suggestion. I believe it would definitely make it more efficient. 

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I found this functionality frustrating, too.

Though as a work around, you can create an empty layer and copy it.

Then when you need to insert a new layer above a selected layer, paste it.

It's worked pretty well for me, but selecting multiple layers and pasting will only put it above the top-most selected layer.

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