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AFFINITY apps in general - too much swiss knife, too less specialist

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I´m as JUST AP-owner and mainly "creative Photo-editor" and i am happy about AD and LR elements in AP.  At least on the first view. In second view, this an expansive "giveaway". Most of my "design"-wishes are covered just by AP. So why should i buy AD too???? Or on the other hand, mainly "Designer" are happy about AP functions in AD. So why should they buy AP too? 

I do not need any Publisher and i do not need any After Effects and i do not need any Lightroom (as develop-cabin, but i would love and buy a Affinity-Bridge, just for handling and thousand of thousands files) . . But that just me. Other People have exactly different focus than me. 

Affinity goes the way from all a little bit more, than a little bit in all "brother-apps" too implement. Ok, its a nice giveaway, i do not say know, maybe anytime i will even use this. (In my case, i have never used RAW-persona)... and other AP people has never used any shape in AP except rectangel or circle... or even this not. 

What i want to say: All Affinity-"specials" covers  a wide range off familar apps, thats pseudo-ovviously fine and if AFFINITY would have endless ressources... i would say: Prima, go this way next 7000 years. People who thing like this, does not see: There is nothing for nothing! Too implement a pseudo-Lightroom in AP called RAW-persona... i pay this, without needing/using. (As said, i tell on from my view/usage). I pay a well implement/developed feature, i never use... There is nothing to say about some "rudimentary" functionality of familiar features in a Special-app. But for really DEEP time and ressources, there should be a seprate APP instead this all-in-one-swiss-knife concept. Than what happens too really relevant (just) photo-EDITING-aspects (like macro-development or brush-concept...) when the ressources are bundled to a more less strange, other app with other main-focuss? A Raw-Persona seems to be a nice giveaway, but i have to sell indirect, by resource-focus of such things, instead to focus on core-features of JUST an "Editor/creative photo-app". A Lightroom is a Lightroom and an creative EDItor is a creative Editor and a Design-App is a Design-App... all should have BASE features from each other... but in the MAINLY core, each APP should be a really specialist, not the brother from each other with just different things of how much i offer from my brothers...

Just for  example: A separete, high special Lightroom with new features, would brings you more new customers as a little bit LR inside AP. Except "Schnäppchenjäger"... most people prefer innovativ, really high core-develop-special-apps before dozens of swiss-knifes, which all a little bit, but nothing really excellent does. 

I guess a special Lightroom team (for exampel) would bring BOOTH apps AP and your LR to better results. And it would bring new customers for booth apps! MAINLY AP-user would love eg. new macro-possibiltys and MAINLY LRer would love its new environment and new special adjustments... 

OUTSIDE from this. For a really hand-in-hand-SUITE there should be a file-manager like BRIDGE. Not more, just a smart-file-manager that i can easy switch from one specialist to another specialist inside the modules of my "SUITE". Each SUITE_Module(special app)  offers me ALL relavant files in the same structure and last state in each other module. the price for this should be inside each special app, anti-kulmunativ, lets say ONE app covers this hidden product with part of XY for complete SUITE.. if you have 2 apps/modules you paid always a little bit more of this. And so on. Same for "MODULES". But read first next:

"PERSONAS" could be fresh way, IF you thing of it as SEPARATE MODULES, which all ARE extra-pay-modules are, all have its more/less resource/develop-teams... i can use RAW/LR in FULL functionality but i have to pay extra, for this module in my personell SUITE! 

Example: I (as mainly creative Photo-editor/tweaker) i EXCEPT a litttle bit functionality from ALL other apps in my app, like texting, shaping, brushing, rawing... But RUDIMENTARY functionality of this. IF i need MORE functions of other specialist i can EXTRA-Buy  a module. Please be fair and let cost just the new stuff/ the difference. AD has lot of AP features and viceversa. So i pay just the difference. And if i use APub too, so i maybe have as AD and AP -module-owner just have too pay 33%... Maybe 56% will buy a whole all-in-one SUITE and become 10% extra off... But however, in which constelation ever, YOU will win, SUITE-buyers will and purist like me, will also win.

Its not necassry or wished, that AP is also a half AD and a 70% LR. Its enough, that AP has SOME rudimentary features frome there and there and there... If i like/Need more i can buy the FULL or a SEMI-Version frome there and there and there...  If i need all a can buy THE SUITE as allinone for very special price.... 

I´m sure this buisness-concept with focus of state-of-the-art for each specialist, will bell your cash-register often more AND all custumer will be more happy, cause as more money you have, as more SPECIALIST Developers you can contract. 

OSX 10.13.5  / iMac Retina 27" / AMD Radeon R9 M380 / Metall: on!

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7 minutes ago, Polygonius said:

ups, double post, please delete. Thank you!

You should see ‘Options’ at the bottom of the message box: click on it and choose ‘Hide’. Once a post has been hidden, only the moderators will be able to see it.

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I think that the Affinity team approach was the right one. They relatively quickly built a suite of powerful, professional grade, applications that cover most of the creative uses.
Until now nobody has ever been able to manage that and be considered as an interesting alternative to Adobe.

The fact that the three applications cost less than 3 month of Adobe Creative Cloud or 100 times less than the defunct Adobe Design Standard Creative Suite is really appealing for freelances and makes it interesting for non professionals also.

Now that the current applications cover the basis, I think the team can focus on improving those applications and/or develop more specialized ones.

Right now, I’m primarily using Affinity Designer for interface design work, before I was using Photoshop mostly with vector shapes.
There are things that would ease my workflow a lot, but it is already nice enough that I cancelled my Adobe subscription without any regret.

I’m not sure if optional personas is the way to go but building on the Affinity StudioLink I could imagine a new application focus on interface design with Sketch like features that could instantly switch to Affinity Designer or Affinity Photo tools.

A successor to Apple Aperture with non destructive Raw process and instant access to Affinity Photo tools if needed would also be really nice :)

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@Polygonius: Sorry, I don't get your point. Are you complaining about the price of any of the Affinity apps? Or do you consider the UI way to complex?

Honestly, if the one-time payment of 50 Dollar/Euros breaks your business model, you have a very serious problem (that doesn't go by the name "Affinity").

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@VolkerMB I must concur that his point isn't exactly clear.

From what I understand, he feels that current Affinity apps try to do to much and that he pays for a lot of functionalities that he doesn't need and that he would rather have a more basic application with optional personas.

Like you say, the current Affinity Apps are a bargain. Even if you don't use all functionalities, having too much options isn't a problem as long as they don't hinder your workflow.

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