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Days Gone - my poster (contest)

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i'm taking part in a competition for making promotion poster for "Days Gone" game .

Below is my work :)

Hope you like it and keep fingers crossed!


Base image:




My poster:

days gone hero.png

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On 4/19/2019 at 5:49 PM, computeartnerd said:

Good job, what country is that Italy? 

On this stock photo? - really dont know. I just use some free stock photo as base image.


15 hours ago, bor said:

I Bet it was Poland, and this is contest published at ppe.pl :D

oh and @Kapuan - "Kapłan"? :> 

Thats true ;)! 

@borNie wiedziałem, ze na tym forum są ludzie z ppe :)

Kapłan - Kapuan, jeżeli mam być szczery to sam nie wiem jak poprawnie to wymawiać :). Ktoś kiedyś powiedział do mnie Kapłan a ja postanowiłem lekko to zmodyfikować, tak by nick się nigdy nie powielił :)

12 hours ago, katelucky said:

Cool. Is the voting open?

Nope, was closed week ago.

Results of this contest should be announced tomorrow.


Have also second version :)

days gone3.png

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