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Black and white images

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Hi again,

I'm working on project now, where I would like to use black and white images. I know, the best solution is to save these images as a grayscale to avoid some color issues in printing. But.

  1. I have png, which is saved as grayscale (I checked it in PS also) but resource manager of Publisher shows it as CMYK without profile. So I'm affraid that this will make some issues during printing. UPDATE - even in Affinity Photo is this image as a grayscale with.
  2. I have also psd file (just for sure and this is source file for png image in 1) which I've tried also use in my project. This psd is shown as grayscale in resource manager, what is ok, but this image is darker in Publisher then this image really is.

Do you have some experiences with this? Thanks.

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