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Export to PDF for Printing error

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I am having issues with this feature as well.  It worked on 4 files but the 5th file will not allow me to export.  Keeps telling me there is an error.  My work around it was to export as a SVG file then reimport the SVG and then export to PDF for printing.

Can someone look at my file to see if there is anything wrong with it?



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I'm using Windows and get no error exporting to PDF. But I also don't have the Helvetica you are using.

The only thing that I would remove would be the rectangle on artboard 2 on the right side. I don't know if that is causing any error.


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Although I didn’t get any error messages when I tried exporting to ‘PDF (for print)’ in the iPad version of AD, it hung on ‘Generating export...’ (but I was able to cancel).

BTW, I don’t think ‘66 [or 12] years of experience’ should have a hyphen between the number and the word ‘years‘.

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Affinity Designer/Photo/Publisher • Windows 10 Home (4th gen Core i3 CPU)
Affinity Photo for iPad • Designer for iPad • iOS 12.4.1 (iPad Air 2)

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Hi all,

It seems that the embedded document (SEC_Logo_280 copy ) has got a LAB colour profile, and your current document is set to CMYK. I'm not entirely sure why we don't convert during export, but editing that embedded document, changing the profile to CMYK, saving, and then exporting the main document fixes the issue. 

I will log this with our developers for further investigations. 



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