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Andrey V

[Cannot Reproduce] System color profiling breaks after I start Affinity Photo

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I have a very strange problem: after I start Affinity Photo AND open a file, my color profiling goes wrong in every macOS app. 

Here I include a sample file (RGB 100.png) which should look pitch black and even when everything is fine. Left half is filled with R0 G0 B0 color, and right half is filled with R1 G0 B0 color. After I start Affinity and open any file something is getting changed in my system color management and the right side of sample image is turning BLUEISH GREEN  (NOT red). The sample file is looking wrong not only in Affinity itself but also in every other application on my Mac: Preview, Safari, Chrome etc... The file just showcases the problem, which also affects every video with dark parts (Netflix logo has a green background instead of black, dark scenes in videos have weird green-blocks in deep shadows), basically a system-wide color profiling tends to mess with really dark colours. 

I also include a photo (Sample 01.jpg) which shows how this "RGB 100.png" looks on my Mac when there is a problem.

"Sample 02.jpg" is an example of how my video looks with this problem (you can check this video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXeTwQWrcwY).

After I shut down Affinity Photo everything goes back to normal, if the sample file is opened in some other app (like Preview), it turns back to normal too.

I use macOS 10.14.4, and Affinity Photo 1.6.7 on 2018 MacBook Pro 15".  I tried to calibrate my screen with "I1Pro 2" but it doesn't help. 

I will be really glad if someone with deep understanding of how this program works will explain what is happening with System Color Management after Affinity Photo is being opened. The fact that it affects every single program on my Mac makes me think Affinity is not causing but exposing some kind of system bug. Also will be glad if someone with the same computer and macOS will test how RGB 100.png looks on their computer after they start Affinity.


RGB 100.png

Sample 01.jpg

Sample 02.jpg

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I made more tests and figured out that my Mac switches to second graphic card when a file is opened in Affinity Photo. I tried other apps which use a second graphic card (Davinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro) and it turns out they also cause the problem.



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Hi @Andrey V,

Welcome to the forums.

Since this "issue" also affects other programs and it's not caused by our app, it sounds like it's an issue with the way your colour profile is applied between the 2 gpus. 

We have closed this issue as "cannot reproduce". If further information becomes available, we will reopen the issue.



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This issue resolved itself after macOS update, I suppose there was some problem with graphic drivers.

Issue was caused not only by Affinity Photo, but by, as I later understood, by every program which accessed powerful graphic card.

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