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External Display + eGPU Glitch

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Having Affinity Designer or Photo open and switching between an eGPU with external display or back to the MacBook causes a glitch. The artboard its displayed as usual but scrolling has no effect, it does not update. I can see the scroll bars reflect the input but the dartboard/affinity display itself does not update. Only closing and restarting the app fixes this.

Is this the desired behavior? Maybe there is no eGPU support. I believe this also happens without an eGPU and a straight connection to an external display.

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I've tested this without an eGPU and just a regular external display with a MacBook. Opening Affinity on the MacBook and then attaching the screen creates the glitch in the video when scrolling/moving the artboard.

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Hi @zimmt,

Sorry for the delayed reply. 

We are aware of this issue, but it should only happen with "Metal" Display under Preferences > Performance. Can you please confirm if that is the case? If so, can you please check it with OpenGL and see if that' still an issue? 



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