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[Cannot Reproduce] AF Photo 1.6.7 repeatedly hangs opening file with Metal compiler using 100% CPU

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NOTE TO MODERATOR: I would like for the attached files to ONLY be visible to Serif employees.  The Affinity Photo file is copyrighted material.

Thank you.


  • Software: Affinity Photo 1.6.7 MAS - latest update
  • macOS: 10.14.3
  • System:
    •   Model Name: MacBook Pro
    •   Model Identifier: MacBookPro14,3
    •   Processor Name: Intel Core i7
    •   Processor Speed: 3.1 GHz
    •   Number of Processors: 1
    •   Total Number of Cores: 4
    •   L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KB
    •   L3 Cache: 8 MB
    •   Memory: 16 GB
    •   Boot ROM Version:
    •   SMC Version (system): 2.45f0
  • Reproducibility: Yes.  Every time.
    • Happens with each of a group of files, created on earlier MAS update of Af Photo, one of which I will attach.
  • I  am currently running on battery power.

What happens: Affinity Photo repeatedly becomes unresponsive with spin indicator after opening the attached afphoto file, and a number of others created at the same time.  

Every time, Metal compiler is using around 100% CPU.  Occasionally, the spin indicator will go away but clicking anything in Af Photo will drop back into spin.

  • The behavior is consistent and repeatable.  
  • Because Metal was involved, I tried restarting the Mac.  No improvement 
  • I tried disabling BitDefender.  No improvement.
  • I tried different files in the group, the structure of each file with layers and masks and the dimensions are all the same.  The contents of the layers differ.

I am currently unable to edit these files with Affinity Photo and am up against a deadline.  Please help.

Kind regards,

Matthew Barker

Affinity Spindump.txt

Sample of Affinity Photo.txt



MacBook Pro - System Report.spx

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Hi @rekrabm,

Welcome to the forums. 

I could not replicate this. Can you please attach a screen recording of this in action? 

Also, can you please attach a screenshot of your Preferences > Performance window?



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While in the coffee house in which I wrote the report, this was reproducible across reboots and in any other way I could.  On returning home, this is no longer reproducible.  

Please close the topic as non-reproducible.



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We have been unable to reproduce this issue, so we have closed it. If further information becomes available, we will reopen the issue.

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