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[Cannot Reproduce]Check Spelling While Typing Red Line

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Cosmetic, I believe. At some point, AFPUB will underscore in red any words that it does not have in its dictionary. If you, for example, go into edit mode and simple erase an errant character, the red line disappears only under the one letter (next to the erased one) - leaving a split red line under a word. What should happen, I think, if the word is now correct, the red line should be entirely removed - showing a correctly spelled word. The red line might disappear when you run through a full document spell check, but I haven't checked that yet.

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There is one quirk. While you are in text editing mode, and delete a single wrong character in a word, the red underscore stays visible - UNTIL - you move your cursor away, and perhaps click elsewhere. Then the red line disappears. Probably just a delay in how the S/W decides to check the spelling again, after your edit. But I don't think it's worth a s/w change - optional and low priority.

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