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Copy and paste issues (Graphpad Prism and others)

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Hi guys, 

I often have issues with graphics becoming scrambled when pasted into Affinity Designer for Mac. Most prominently are figures from Graphpad Prism scientific plotting software which I use a lot. Sometimes, it helps to past the graphics in Preview, and copy it from previous before pasting into Affinity. But not always. Also copying and pasting in word often leads to low-res rasterization of parts.

I know, one can work around this by exporting to JPEP or PNG but I feel this should necessary in 2019...

So I guess its part bug report, part feature request (fix the clipboard).



source .png

paste in Preview.png

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Hi Gabe.

Thanks for your swift response. I am aware of the PDF or SVG workaround, and I am currently using that trick, although it has its own set of limitations with text, clipping masks etc. But worse, it adds a considerable overhead to my workflows as I have to go back and forth often.

It is 2019, a graphic software should be fully compatible with the clipboard and common word processors. This totally feels like 15 years ago...

Please fix soon.





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