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play with mono colored overlapping raster images

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First of all: Affinity I'm very impressed by the publisher beta. Looks like Affinity will be my next creative suite soon.

One thing I didn't find out yet is how to make a PMS mono colored flyer (or book or …) with mono colored raster images.

I used to do that very simple in ID CC by using bitmap raster images saved as a psd and color the image with a PMS swatch but keeping the frame not colored. (see example)

The 'white' of the image stays in this case transparant and I can play with overlapping images without the need of transparency effects and blending modes.

The result is a light file and safe and easy to print and it looks like vintage screen printing

In Publisher I can make an jpg image K (black) and fill the image with a color PMS swatch.

But …the image frame still have a white and not a needed transparent background

Someone did find out how to do this?




Schermafbeelding 2019-04-10 om 20.17.34.png

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Off course there is always a way working around like this.

Like layer blending (multiply).

But it will ask more CPU while working on the design and when exporting it as a pdf (with complex transparanties involved)

Schermafbeelding 2019-04-10 om 20.27.01.png

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