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Wrong color with transparent background and inner shadow effect

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I've found a very strange and annoying behavior with inner shadow effect with transparent background.

Here is a simple testcase:
Create a rectangle with plain white background color and no border
Add the inner shadow effect (see Capture1.png)
Change the background color opacity to 80%

If I set the opacity of the background color the inner shadow is no longer visible...

I found this illogical and defeating the purpose of layer effect.
Thus am I missing something (an hidden option)?

I also including the testcase file.





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The red inner shadow is still visible, but has inherited the opacity to of 80% from the rectangle. I agree that this is counter intuitive, but it seems to be how the system works!

If you want the rectangle to be at 80% opacity, and the inner shadow to remain at 100% opacity, use the Fill Opacity slider at the bottom of the Layer Effects pop-up.


Affinity Fill Opacity.gif

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