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[By Design] Portrait Orientation-Copy Section of Image Doesn't Copy What You Selected

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I started out in Affinity Photo with an out of the camera JPG file from a Fujifilm X-T3. I select a section and paste it into Affinity Designer. What was in the selection is not what is pasted into Designer. Instead a different section of the image of a different pixel dimension is copied. To troubleshoot, I also pasted the same thing into Photoshop CS5 and got the same incorrect section. I then opened the same image in Photoshop and did a copy/paste from there and everything works as expected. Seems to be a significant Affinity Photo bug. I then tried rotating the entire image 90 degrees to make it a landscape orientation in Affinity Photo. Copy/paste from this orientation works fine. Can something this basic be broken or am I doing something wrong?

Affinity Photo.jpg

Affinity Designer.jpg

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I tried uploading that exact file (14.2MB) but got an error at the end of the upload saying "There was a problem processing the uploaded file. -200".

Is there an email address I can send to instead or privately reference a Google Drive location where you can download it?

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Thanks. There's nothing wrong, the software is just compensating for the rotation of the image. If you want it to be the "correct" way up, once you open the file, Right Click on the layer in the Layers studio and choose Rasterise. 

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