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I was doing a layout in Designer and had a pixel layer that needed some basic editing this afternoon.

I had an image that needed a background removed... so I made my selection with the smart selection tool, cleaned it up with feathering, deleted the background, and proceeded to use my soft eraser to clean up the edge. 7 minutes into cleaning up the edges, i hit a small patch where the smart selection went too far into the image that i didn't see, and the clone stamper would have been super useful to just clean up that little nugget of oops. Instead of closing out designer and opening the file in photo just to do literally a 15 second clone stamp fix, i instead tried to redraw the area in with brushes and colors in designer because switching apps would have taken longer and would have been a pain and i was long past the ability to undo my mistake.

I can see why Serif would like to keep most pixel editing tools specific to Photo, if Designer could do everything Photo could do, there'd be no reason to have both apps....  but the old dumb clone stamper is kind of an essential tool for simple pixel editing, and the only way to perform a very basic fixes when you screw up and erase too much.  This should be part of the pixel persona of designer, it's as fundamental as the paint brush and eraser tools for simple pixel adjustments. Wasting time switching apps to perform a basic function felt very "Adobe" to me.

Leave the smart healing brush and content aware fill tools in Photo, advanced pixel editing is why Photo exists... but in Designer, I just want to be able to add back that strawberry seed that I accidentally deleted 200 undo states ago..... Oops and Thanks!

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Could you not just duplicate that selected area from the original image and then erase away the parts unneeded, to recover the image area you did need? 

Honestly, I feel your pain quite often and do find myself wanting more from the pixel persona but I do run a fairly decent system so I have both programs open with no issue. This is certainly the issue Affinity faces with such a low buy-in. The target market for a low buy-in is that it will attract people with low budgets to begin with thus probably working with lower-end systems.

Running to programs that can be system hungry will leave certain folks with a frustrating taste in their mouth having to switch programs the longer way of shutting one down to start another. 

My gripe would be the flood selection tool not being included in the pixel persona. Seems to be a fairly simple and widely used selection tool. Not exactly sure why that needs to be separated between the two programs. 

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Yes, i could have probably just selected an area, copied, placed and erased, but it was a small spot and it ended up looking ok. And this is basically what the clone stamper does anyway... 

When working on desktop, i find it easer to jump between apps. Quick close and open with both apps on screen isn't too much of an issue. But on ipad its more complicated because of the 2 tier saving format (in app versus in files/icloud). 

I agree with the flood tool too. If you're going to include a pixel editor in your vector tool, i don't see the need to nerf it intentionally by leaving out really basic tools. 

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