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Jens Krebs

Moving artboards REALLY slow

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I have a file with six different artboards (between business card size and A4) and when I move the artboards around I get the coloured circle spinning for a good minute and a half before artboards are moved. I guess this is caused by a combination of having snapping turned on and one of the artboards (a notepad) containing a pattern of around 500 small ellipses (when I remove the ellipsis, moving artboards works fine).

I know that that is a high object count and would accept it not being as smooth as usual, but in my opinion, Designer shouldn't stop and show the wheel of death.

Happy to provide the file to the development team, but need a link / upload as it's confidential work.


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Hi Jens!

Definitely sounds like we should take a look if possible? If you wanted to just email it directly to me (mpriestley @ seriflabs (dot) com) then I'll get it looked at straight away - thanks! :) I'll obviously just use it for this purpose and delete it straight afterwards :)

Many thanks!


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Solved ... I saved it with "save as" in the previous to last beta, works fine now. Must have been something dragged over from older betas.

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I was thinking this was the same bug as having a document which contains a relatively complex vector object/s which causes hangs when trying to move or resize using the curser which effects latest designer build and also Publisher plus todays build


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