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Batch processing not working properly - Beta

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When I try to batch process using the parallel processing capability, some of the files are not processed. The missing files are not always the same.

This happens when processing to JPG or PNG. No issues when exporting to TIFF, EXR or when NOT using parallel processing


To recreate the problem:

1-Create 1 aphoto file with something and save it in a folder

2-Copy and past that file several times (I created 272 copies) and rename them for easy reference (example A-1, A-2, ...)

3-Batch process all the files to JPG or PNG with Parallel processing ON and to a different folder for easy reference

4-Check the total files processed and compare to the original files


For convenience, I'm attaching the test files

test files.zip

Macbook Pro // M2 16GB // Ventura 13.2.1 

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