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Enabling Force pixel alignment breaks snapping

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If I enable "Force pixel alignment" in the Snapping options, it seems to almost completely break snapping. I say almost, as if I'm very careful sometimes a snapping guideline will appear if I mouse-over the exact "snapping" position (as if the "Screen tolerance" had been set to 0) - but at any zoom this is impossible as positions are no longer exact, and it doesn't always work either.

When I move objects around I see the edges of their bounding box go red/green as they move, so what I'm assuming is happening is that the objects are always snapping to every pixel, and this is overriding all other snapping points.


The only non-standard thing about my system's configuration I can think of that might affect this is that I run with my MBP's display set to "Scaled" and "More Space", which essentially turns off the Retina-ness of the display.

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Hi rsim,


I'm guessing you're using Affinity Designer 1.2 from the Mac App Store? If so, Force Pixel Alignment is acting in preference to any other candidates and I'm guessing that unless you're zoomed in quite far you won't be able to snap to anything other than those pixels, hence the reason for your bug report. This is now fixed in the current Designer Beta available here.




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