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I have several photos with similar shade if gray background behind a model and i want to remove the background with macro. Is there any way to do this? I know how to do with white, but cant seem to work with its just light gray. 




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4 hours ago, Aaron Martin said:

I know how to do with white,

Invert image, Erase "White" Paper, invert image? In my opinion, it won't work well, and will require masking.

I'd like to try using the Flood Select Tool, and delete.

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3 hours ago, Pšenda said:

Flood Select Tool,

Flood select tool doesnt go well with macro, unless i dont know how to use it. Or is it possible to select a certain shade of grey?

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  1. Select the flood select tool floodselecttool_lightui.png.a2e2ec3b7b01fe4357de71e9f6dcb83a.png
  2. Set Mode: New
  3. Tolerance: 11%
  4. Contiguous: uncheck
  5. Single click on the background

The tolerance you can find by selecting the flood fill tool and click drag the cursor down on the background until it starts to select parts of the girl then drag back up until those parts of the girl are unselected. 

Once the background is selected you can use

  • Select > Grow/shrink 1px
  • Select > Feather 1px

There a few spots that do not get selected

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4 minutes ago, firstdefence said:

1. Select the flood fill tool

1. Select the Flood Select Tool

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I believe in macros the magic wand selects due to the initially accessed and recorded coordinates and tolerence setting (when using a single click) in a bitmap, so the color can be afterwards a different one than that initial recorded one region during macro replay. Meaning it still should select an underneath region starting at that coordinate position and the selections extend depends then on the respective colored area size of that region. - You can try out and then see how it behaves on different bitmap images.

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