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I'm having issues when trying to open AI or EPS files, I'm just honestly not sure if "I'm" not doing something right or if it's just the way Affinity Designer works with other vector files, but take a look at the attachedĀ and you will see what I'm dealing with. Why does the files look all meshy?

Affinity Designer AI file.PNG

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Mesh(y) was a good term to use.

Likely the AI file does have meshes in it and those, while publishing to PDF fine from AI and print fine, they are not constructs that Affinity applications can rebuild--at least until such time AD has mesh capability. So depending upon the file, those meshes get broken up into pieces to represent the gradient mesh itself.

As regards EPS, that format cannot have meshes in it at all and are represented as above, pieces of a gradient. This too can print fine, at least to professional equipment.

Affinity applications can only open the PDF portion of an AI file. If Affinity applications could actually open the AI data itself and had mesh capabilities, it would be a better import.


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I'm just a user like you. Well, I don't use AD much.

It might be good for you upload that sample file to your post above, or a new sample if you didn't retain it. Otherwise I might make one and fail to replicate the problem for some reason.

Thanks, Mike

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