I think a lot of us have just taken these things for granted coming from Illustrator and InDesign, where you can create a logo in Illustrator (which doesn't assign global colours by default), realise you want to change a colour, but you have the ability to select same fill or stroke (which I really miss) and assign a global then copy paste the logo into indesign which also pastes in the palate which you can edit, as global is the standard in indesign, I remember doing an 200+ page NHS manual which I'd illustrated throughout with around 800 black and Pantone 300 blue illustrations - they said they wanted to change the Pantone 300 to a different colour, once they settled on Pantone 321 (more of a greenish blue) I simply created the swatch in indesign and deleted pantone 300, it then asks what colour to replace with = 321 - a few seconds later the whole document is all correctly set up in the new spot colour - that was around 10 years ago and I just didn't think it was a big deal back then - really miss that now