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Couldn't find anything but is setting table cell borders still buggy?

I would expect to select table cells, set border to bottom, set border (stroke) and that would be applied to all selected individual cells.

At the moment it only sets a border for the last selected cell(s).





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If you select a row of cells it works as expected for me.

But if you select a column of cells then only the last cell has its border set

At first glance, it seems counter-intuitive, if it is not the result you were expecting, but this is how Excel does it so I assume it is working "as designed"



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Thanks, that's exactly how it works indeed and something just doesn't feel right about that to me. An option to set a whole bunch of cell borders in one go would be handy. How else would you set individual cell borders for big tables? Going through row after row of cells and setting the options will take way too long.

What I also find counter-intuitive [Excel isn't the best example of how things should work ;-) ] is when I do select a cell and set the border to say 1pt all around but then decide later that I only want a bottom border. I then have to set the ll aorund border to none and then set the bottom border, unless I'm missing something?

Overal the tables feel to me quite unfinished and not set up for ease of use at the moment. 







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The way it works now seems pretty intuitive to me.
The border selector icons are used to select which borders are formatted with the changes you make.
Having an icon for every possible scenario - e.g. inside and bottom, inside and top, left, right and top but not bottom, etc. etc. - would make the panel very large and unwieldy.
However, it may be improved if the user was shown a 'picture' of the 'cell grid' - as per LibreOffice etc. see attached image - where the user could select exactly which borders were to be formatted, rather than being limited to only some presets.


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What I do like about the tables is the way you can select cell borders as per attached image. It does seem on my machine still a bit flaky in that I often don't get the actual table with the rows etc so I can't select the borders.

Selecting them this way does help but is buggy here.






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