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Desperate to have Brick Fill Option (PS CC) in Affinity Photo ?

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I stayed with PS CS6, and recently I've wanted to have custom patterned (tiled) watermarks over my imagery (there is standalone watermark software out there but none of them can create a separate watermark only layer, they can only output a finished, flattened layer (with image and watermarks combined).

On the journey to find a solution within PS, I looked into creating an Action, and during that journey I discovered that from the first edition of the subscribed version of PS (PS CC), a new Brick Fill Pattern became available that gave a dialog box which would allow you to do exactly what I was looking for (see my tiling.jpg example).

So, my question;

Is there ANY way this kind of action, script, macro can be produced in Affinity Photo ?

A tileable watermark would be an incredible addition to this already fantastic piece of software





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Something I just threw together. A .png file used as a bitmap fill in a layer over the image. Not quite the same, but might work for you.


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