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Importing assets in svg

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I have a dropbox folder with something like 200 assets in svg and am trying to import them. Here is what I tried:

1. Created a category and renamed it  - not sure if that was really necessary

2. Clicked on import category and navigated to my dropbox folder

and nothing ... there is no button allowing me to import the files. Inserting each one by hand doesn't look like the way to go, I think. So, I clearly don't understand how this works or what I am doing wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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If you don't mind using another program, it's how I do it:

  • I open InkScape, and drag and drop half or a third of the icons in it: they'll end up like a pile (sometimes there's the main document will all of them on an artbord, or some bigger than the others, that's why I do gradually)
  • I copy-paste all of those in a blank AD document (all of them are selected)
  • in the Asset panel, I choose option "Add from selection", and all of them are added in few seconds


Oups, I didn't paid attention to "iPad": do this if you got the desktop version, or you'll have to open each one in AD and add them one by one…

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Thanks, Woven, but my laptop runs Linux and so I don't have a desktop version. It looks like my only option is to keep them in Dropbox then. That is not bad, the only thing is that there seems to be a bug where my favorite folders doesn't get saved between sessions, meaning that I have to navigate inside Dropbox to get to the correct folder every time.

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Hi, you can do the same, dragging the svg files on a document in inkScape and saving it*.

You'll have to open this document in AD, open the layer that was added and select the groups (= all the svg files with their own names) and add from selection in the Assets panel.


* As svg

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  • 3 weeks later...

Sorry for the late response, but I have been doing some experiments and found a way out, but not really the underlying reason. Here we go:

1. the issue is not file size, extension, or connection speed. here is an example regarding speed and file size since these issues were previously brought up https://youtu.be/Be0EuZ6-YMY

2. the workaround is to open the file in my computer (using Inkscape), remove the background layer, and save the images as an SVG.

Now, this smells like a bug, but I can't tell for sure. Thoughts?

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