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[By Design] Defringing on iPad Not Working?

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Hi to all. Eric from South Korea here. 


I use a 6th-gen 9.7" iPad and have some problems with Defringing. 


RAW, JPEG or PNG, on no matter which format, the Defringing filter just would't work on my iPad. I've toggled all the values up/down and still nothing happens in the final image. 


Another problem is that the filter seems to work pretty fine while I am controlling the toggles. 


But, once I stop controlling and tab Apply, the image goes back to the original. 


Even in Develop Persona, the same thing happens. Checked or unchecked, Chromatic Aberration doesn't work to have some effects. And Defringing does not seem to work either. 


It's always the same. While I am controlling the toggles, the Defringing seems to begins to take effect. 


But , in the end, even before I tab Apply, the image goes back to the original. 


Maybe, I am wrong. But, I'd very much appreciate it if someone can help me. 


Thank you.

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Hi EricHan, Could you post a screen recording of this please so we can see what is happening. On some filters if you touch the screen before applying, the settings will all zero.

IPad Pro 10.5/512GB lpadOS 13.1.3  Affinity Photo 1.8 Affinity Design 1.8 Publisher for iPad ?

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Of course. DM1. This is the picture that I downloaded from Google to train myself for Defringing - you know, these days, with an iPhone, it's not that easy to intentionally take a picture with purple fringe. 


I've defringed a tiny part of it but the effect is still almost not that noticeable. And sometimes they go back to their originals. 


The first three were sequentially screen-captured. The first is the original, the second was captured right before I tab Develop as you can see that the head part of the animal is about to be defringed. The third is the one captured after I tabbed Develop; you can see the resulting head part still come with purple. 


The following three are from the process where I used Defringe in Filters. The end result came back with the purple fringe that has almost gone in the second picture.







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